April 4th, 2010

Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Spell Sunday

Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Spell Sunday


Support rape crisis centers and enter to win an Advance Copy of Red Hood’s Revenge, by Jim C. Hines.

Jim C. Hines (fabulous author of fantasy and all-around cool guy) is running a contest on his blog. He asks, although does not insist (take that, Michigan Charitable Gaming Office) that you make a donation to a rape-crisis center. If you feel like it. But either way, do by all means go to his blog and enter the contest for a free copy of his new book, RED HOOD'S REVENGE.

As my contribution to Sexual Assault Awareness Month, today's Sunday Spell from MY upcoming book, EVERYDAY WITCH A TO Z SPELLBOOK will be a "Rape Recovery Spell."

I would hope that none of my blog readers would ever have to use such a spell, but sadly, since the statistics say that one in every four women will experience some form of sexual assault in her life, I doubt such a thing will be true.

If you do have a need for this spell (or know someone who does), I hope it brings you peace.

Optional Extras: Blue candle, bowl of water, soft cloth, sage smudge stick
Notes: This spell is not about revenge or justice (for a good spell aimed in those directions, look in Z. Budapest’s book, The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries)—rather it is a spell for healing spiritually, physically and mentally. If you are comfortable doing so, you can cast the spell naked. You can even have friends there to help you if you like, and do the spell in a bath or pool. As you say the spell, use the cloth to wash yourself clean of pain, fear and distrust. If other women are helping you, they can each have a cloth, or some soothing lotion, or if you are immersed in a pool or bath they can just scoop up water and pour it over you. This spell can also be used by men – simply change the first lines to read: I am a man, made in the image of the god.

I am a woman
Made in the image of the goddess
I am strong
In the face of adversity
I have been violated
But I will triumph in the end
And rise like a phoenix
From the ashes of violence
I wash myself clean
Of the anguish and fear
I wash myself clean
Of the negative energy
And I emerge from the water
Clearer, wiser, stronger than before
I am a woman
Made in the image of the goddess
No one can steal my power
I am whole again

Afterwards: Take some time to simply sit and feel yourself healing. This may be a very emotional spell to say—allow yourself to cry if you need to do so. The sage can be used before or after the spell, or both.