March 14th, 2012

Only 2 Days Left to Win a FREE CLASS!

In case any of you missed the announcement earlier on my blog, I'm giving away a free (future)class to one lucky person who registers BY MARCH 15 for the March "Witchcraft 102" class I'm giving on my new workshop loop.

I will pick a name from those who have registered by the deadline, and that person will get to take one of the classes offered later in the year FOR FREE. That includes both the witchcraft classes (which are good for those writing paranormals, as well as those who follow or are interested in that particular path), and the one or two writing classes that will be offered. (Which will probably be a bit longer, and a bit more expensive. Which makes FREE even better!)

So QUICK, go run and register! You only have until midnight on the 15th to be included in the contest. (Although, of course, you can still sign up to take the class anytime until we close registration on the 25th.) Hope to see you there!